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The Aura and Why It Matters

What is an aura?

“An electromagnetic energy field, called an aura, surrounded every living organism. This energy field vibrates at different frequencies, reflecting colours that denote your state of mind, body and inner being. Your aura colours are determined by physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Without energy, we would not exist. The human aura is an energy occurrence within a highly complex system. The aura is the external representation of a creative life force that energizes and sustains our existence. As a functional energy form that envelops the physical body, the aura provides a channel for interacting with other energy sources and dimensions, including other human aura systems.”

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, that’s not exactly how I see it. It’s known within the spiritual community that Auras and Chakras act like a window into the state of the personality of the inner soul. They provide information and help you discover your inner truths, and when balanced, they indicate whether you have achieved inner peace.


More Than You Think…

You’ve probably heard someone say that they can see your Aura from a mile away and they tell you all about it’s colour. That only paints one small part of the larger picture. Try thinking about an Aura, not simply as a “colour” as so many will explain it to you, but as a 3-D energy body that contains many different colours and chakras. Your Aura contains both large and small data centres of categorical information. Each large Chakra contains about 50 different sets of information. Each “archive”, if you will, inside your human Aura contains two types of information: “gifts” and “stuff”.

Gifts: each gift is unique and permanent, sort of like a fingerprint. Learning what your gifts are and learning from them are great ways to achieve self-validation, or at least an explanation for your natural way of going through the motions.

Stuff: stuff is basically the “things” (or junk) that mess around with your natural gifts. These could be patterns or habits learned as a child, your deep-rooted pain or fear, negative thoughts, unhealthy attachments or even astral rubble. Stuff isn’t always a completely negative thing though, because just like purging your closet of unwanted clothes, you can always take the time to rid yourself of extra stuff. Releasing your energy and unburdening yourself is healthy, therapeutic and a natural part of becoming one with your inner self.

Learning how to read your chakra is essential for your modern day life because it teaches you about character, emotions, health, consumer concerns, and so much more…

Those who are good at the practice can extrapolate realistic insights from their reading; they can tell from a simple reading is an individual has tendencies to be dishonest, cruel or even is suffering from a substance abuse problem. It’s becoming more and more common for spiritual professionals to be called into hiring processes at larger corporations.

Did You Know?

• Have you ever wondered why alternative medicine is so popular? Though there are many different treatments that fall under the term alternative medicine, they all have one thing in common. They help align your Aura. And your Aura is just one cog in the wheel of your complete health and wellness.

• You don’t need a fancy photo to read an Aura – even though they are very cool souvenirs to look at. Once you learn to read an Aura, you can see them in a regular, run-of-the-mill photograph.

• Pregnant Women. Notice how they are always glowing? Well, that’s their Aura – combined with the Aura of their not-yet born baby.


Ways To Protect Your Aura

Your Aura, like your human body can be damaged through different processes. Fear, anxiety or even some physical ailments can have harmful effects on your Aura. Here are five simple ways you can protect your Aura.

1. Visualize a “protection bubble” – a large mass of white light spilling out of your body and encircling you; the colour white is pure and therefore, protects you from negative energy sources

2. Carry around black tourmaline – it naturally repels negative energy

3. Smudge your Aura – this Native American practice uses white sage to cleanse or detox yourself of all that negative energy

4. Ground yourself – lie on the ground, hug a tree, stand outside and meditate

5. Listen to “cleansing” sounds; certain tones have the power to clear your natural energy. Examples: a ceremonial drum or a simple chime.


Spiritual Awakenings

Your Aura can change from a spiritual awakening. Many of these awakenings are unpleasant at first but eventually lead to “transcendence” if you will. In many cases, they don’t occur until a tragedy or other life-altering event has taken place and you are forced to confront your own existence. Other causes can be stress, fasting, whether for religious or dietary reasons, or even practicing yoga.

When this happens, your intuition and psychic power because much stronger. You will also experience strong creative energy. Because awakenings alter your state of being, it naturally means a colour change in your Aura will occur.



If you want to learn even more about your Aura or speak to me about overcoming obstacles or healing processes, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to help you.

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